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'''Gaius Julius Caesar''' (; 13 July 100 BCThere is some dispute over the year of Caesar's birth. Some scholars have made a case for 101 or 102 BC as the year of his birth, based on the dates that he held certain magistracies, but scholarly consensus favors 100 BC. Goldsworthy, [ p. 30]. – 15 March 44 BC)After Caesar's death, the leap years were not inserted according to his intent, and there is uncertainty about when leap years were observed between 45 BC and AD 4 inclusive; the dates in this article between 45 BC and AD 4 inclusive are those observed in Rome and there is an uncertainty of about a day as to where those dates would be on the proleptic Julian calendar. See Blackburn, B and Holford-Strevens, L. (1999 corrected 2003). ''The Oxford Companion to the Year''. Oxford University Press. p. 671. ISBN 978-0-19-214231-3 was a Ancient...
OfficeRoman dictator|Dictator of the Roman Republic
Term startOctober 49 BC
Term end15 March 44 BC{{efn|Caesar ruled as undisputed master of the Roman Republic from 49 BC until his assassination in 44 BC. During the time, he served as either Roman Dictator|Dictator or Roman Consul|Consul, or both}}
Birth date13 July 100 BC
Birth placeRome
Death date15 March 44 BC (aged 55)
Death placeRome
Resting placeTemple of Caesar, Rome
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